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Samuel Meyers

Financial Analyst

Sam joined Condor in June of 2021. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers University’s Business School. During his time at Rutgers, Sam was the Editor-In-Chief of LIBOR Financial, a student-run newsletter that provides weekly recaps surrounding market news, world economies, global affairs, and the IPO market. Sam was drawn to working for Condor Capital because of the firm’s committee-based investment approach and a focus on putting clients first.

Sam’s role at Condor is made up of two main functions. As a financial analyst, Sam is responsible for conducting research and assisting the trading team to ensure that our client’s goals are being met. Additionally, Sam is a part of the portfolio administration team, which focuses on reconciling daily transactions and portal uploads.

Sam is interested in value-based investing strategies and enjoys researching companies of all sizes. Outside of the office, you can find Sam spending time with family and friends or playing golf. His putting game could use some help so all tips are well welcome!


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