Condor Capital Management

Small Business 401(k) Management

If you are the current plan sponsor and fiduciary of your small business 401(k), you are obligated to maintain diversified investments, ensure reasonable fees, and inform plan participants of all plan terms and changes.  Additionally, since you are held to a high standard of care under ERISA regulations, you must act prudently in administering and managing plan assets.

Due to a lack of expertise or sufficient time to monitor the plan, it may be in your best interest to transfer a portion of your fiduciary responsibility to an investment advisor with experience in the retirement field.

If this is the case for your small business, choosing Condor Capital to manage your retirement plan would effectively reduce your level of liability by the amount of responsibility you wish to transfer.  Additionally, plan participants would acquire a frequently monitored, best practices 401(k) plan that complies with ERISA standards.


Deferred Compensation Plans

A nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan can be a tax-efficient way for company executives to save for specific goals, particularly retirement.  But like any financial tool, a NQDC plan is effective only when it is used properly.  At Condor Capital, we are able to provide deferred compensation plan consulting and due diligence reporting in the same manner we do for Fortune 1000 Companies.

More specifically, Condor Capital provides quarterly, semi-annual or annual due diligence reporting on company investment plans.  We will analyze your current investment choices, determine where the plan’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and provide an executive summary for each choice in the plan.  Within the executive summary, we evaluate each choice and assign it a proprietary rating based on our research and the fund’s performance relative to its benchmark and peer group.

Condor also has the ability to report on your plan’s investment performance.  Performance reporting on a dollar-weighted basis is done for the plan as a whole and for each investment choice within the plan.  Our due diligence will provide you with the research needed as a fiduciary, to be confident in the quality and breadth of the investment choices being offered to your valued executives.