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Financial Planning

Getting To Know You

A high-service, open and trusting advisor-client relationship lies at the heart of our success in comprehensive financial planning. Here at Condor Capital Wealth Management, our advisors are particular to the specifics of your plan-defining clear-cut goals tailored uniquely to your priorities, deepest concerns, and highest esteems.

By maintaining ongoing awareness of your financial situation, we will help you plan around the obstacles standing in your way–because in terms of applicability, what is the purpose of a plan without planning for the unexpected? So regardless of how far along you are on your financial planning journey, whether you just started or are approaching a pinnacle of sorts, helping you move forward and remain on track is what our advisors at Condor Capital are here to do!


Your Financial Planning Journey


Fresh Start

Where To Begin

If you are at the beginning of your financial planning journey, you should start off by asking yourself the following three questions:

  1. What are my goals and objectives?
  2. What is my time horizon?
  3. What is my risk tolerance?

During our no-obligation introductory meeting, Condor Capital’s team of financial planning professionals will advise you in answering these questions, among others. Then through our continued discussions and evaluations of your plan, we will guide you in keeping your goals up-to-date and relevant.


Life Events

Hoping For The Best, Planning For The Worst

A significant portion of our financial planning process is dedicated to helping you understand how to deal with any unexpected life events that may arise. Here at Condor Capital, it is our aim to assist you through both good and bad times, helping you maintain your financial position and achieve your plan’s objectives. So before making any decisions regarding a life-changing event affecting your financial situation, consider consulting a financial planning professional who will guide you along the process of exploring all of your options.



Planning Around Question Marks

In general, retirement is a highly personalized experience based on the individual, which is why managing one’s retirement requires careful attention and good decision-making skills. You are likely planning to sustain your post-career lifestyle with the assets you’ve accumulated over a lifetime of hard work, which is why designing your retirement plan in advance gives you more control over your future. Retirement plan assets cannot be easily replaced if costly mistakes are made, so it pays to plan with professionals who act in your best interests.



Rethink The "How-To" Of Managing Your Assets

During the course of your career, you likely produced a substantial nest egg using a strategy that focused on accumulating as much money as possible. As you approach retirement, it’s important for you to recognize whether or not your plan is flexible enough to ensure you won’t outlive your assets. Don’t find yourself caught off guard when you retire – make sure a sound portfolio withdrawal strategy is in place.


Understanding Your Options

Condor Capital provides comprehensive planning services covering a range of aspects particular to our clients’ financial lifestyles. In getting to know you and your goals, our advisors will help you see the bigger picture and aid you in developing the appropriate plan(s) for you.

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Estate Plans

Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Arrangements are a few of the essential elements of estate planning. Condor Capital’s planning professionals will devise the blueprint providing your loved ones with a way to inherit these assets in an orderly and tax-efficient manner.


Tax Reports

In assisting you with the preparation of your estimated tax payments, Condor Capital will provide you with detailed tax reports including any realized or unrealized capital gains on your investment portfolio.


Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is a vital aspect dictating the outcome of your post-career lifestyle. Make certain that all of your options have been explored and that the right decisions for your retirement have been made. Contact Condor Capital today and see how we can help make your retirement plan work for you.


Insurance Coverage/Risk Management

To protect yourself and your investments against the financial impact of unexpected events, you may want to consider getting insurance. Condor Capital does not sell insurance, but we help by evaluating the offerings of outside providers, while keeping in mind the cost of protection and the efficacy of the coverage in giving you the best recommendation possible.



Educational Plans

Coverdell ESAs, 529 Plans, and UTMA accounts are a few examples of the options available for funding the higher education of children and/or grandchildren. College tuition rates and other college expenses rise annually. Our advisors at Condor Capital can assist you in planning for the cost of your children’s or grandchildren’s higher education by working with you and employing various budgeting options to construct a feasible savings strategy.