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Do Independent Living Communities Differ From CCRCs?

Independent living communities, also known as rental retirement communities, offer housing options for active seniors and retirees who require little or no assistance with daily activities. Most independent living residents desire an environment where they don’t have to be concerned about safety, maintenance, and homeownership responsibilities.

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How Much Will Health Care Cost?

Retirement health-care costs will vary depending on your health and longevity, but it may help to have a guideline. These are the estimated savings required for an individual or couple who turned 65 in 2019 to have a 90% chance of meeting expenses for Medicare Part B health insurance, Part D prescription drug coverage, Medigap Plan F, and out-of-pocket drug costs, assuming median prescription drug expenses.* These estimates do not include services not covered by Medicare or Medigap.

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Tips for Managing Your Holiday Spending

Tips for Managing Your Holiday Spending

Like almost everything else these days, the holidays have become a barrage of options and choices, with nearly limitless opportunities to overspend. Here are some tips to help you make sure your family’s spending remains in check this holiday season.

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What Health Services Aren’t Covered by Medicare?

What Health Services Aren't Covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare — Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical insurance — offers broad coverage, but many services are not covered.

Some may be fully or partially covered by a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan, which replaces Original Medicare, or a Medigap policy, which supplements Original Medicare. Both are offered by Medicare-approved private insurers. (You cannot have both a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medigap policy.)

Whether you are looking forward to Medicare in the future or are already enrolled, you should consider these potential expenses.

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2019 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Condor has sent out its 2019 3rd Quarter Newsletter!

What’s Inside:

  • Federal Income Tax: How Did We Get Here?
  • Social Security: Shoring Up America’s Safety Net
  • How Can I Teach My High School Student the Importance of Financial Literacy?
  • Should Parents “Go for Broke” on Youth Sports?

You can read our online copy by clicking here.

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