Condor Capital Management

Our People

Condor is committed to providing you with effective, personalized investment solutions, comprehensive financial planning advice on an as-needed basis, and a service based on absolute trust and integrity.

We pride ourselves on a tightly-knit and academically diverse team of investment and financial planning professionals with broad experience and expertise. Our team includes CFP® professionals who have specializations in areas such as estate planning, special needs planning, and divorce planning. Additionally, we have professionals who hold the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation.

We believe the best way to build a relationship of trust is through regular contact with clients. In addition to a team of client service specialists, our portfolio managers, financial planning professionals, and the President of the company, Ken Schapiro, are always available.

  • Experienced team with broad expertise
  • Committed to building relationships of trust
  • Open door policy for client access to key decision makers

The Condor Capital Team

Michael Walliser, CIMA®
Chief Operating Officer

Tanya Walliser, CFP®
Executive Vice President
Client Service & Financial Planning

Jacob Boylan, CFP®
Senior Financial Analyst

Justin Cerqueira
Manager, Information Technology

Monica Ho
Visual Designer and MarCom Analyst

Susan Jones
Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Kliment
Administrative Manager

Eric Learn
Administrative Assistant

Jeanette Lucas

Vice President
Portfolio Management

Prateek Malhotra
Vice President
Information Technology

Caelan McCarthy, CFP®
Senior Financial Planner

Nicholas Mango
Senior Financial Analyst

Samuel Meyers
Financial Analyst

Katelyn Ribbecke
Senior Operations Associate

Hiren Shah, CIMA®
Manager, Portfolio Management

Amy Thau
Manager, Operations

Mieszko Tomczyk, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

Alberto Vergara
Support Desk Engineer

Nicholas Weaver
Financial Analyst

Linda Young
Senior Portfolio Administrator

Priscilla Zeffiro
Operations Associate