Condor Capital Management

Welcome to Condor Capital Management

Founded in 1988, Condor Capital is an employee owned SEC-registered investment advisor.  We strive to be more than just your investment manager by providing a comprehensive range of financial planning services.

We provide our investment management services on a fee-only basis.  Our fees are based on the size of our clients’ portfolios, rather than commissions or number of trades, so there is no conflict of interest regarding our investment decisions.

As part of our integrated approach to investment management, we provide you with unlimited and thorough financial planning advice on a complimentary, as-needed basis.

We pride ourselves on providing wealth management solutions that combine investment management, financial planning, and relationship management services, including consulting with your other advisors, allowing you to streamline your complex financial affairs.

  • Fee-only, registered investment advisor
  • Integrated approach to investment management that includes comprehensive financial planning on a complimentary, as-needed basis
  • Simplify your life, leaving you free to pursue your personal goals
  • Condor Capital claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Please contact us for further information.