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After the winter holidays and Mother’s Day, there is no other holiday that Americans spend more on than Valentine’s Day. Undeniably, it has a considerable impact on our economy – check out the infographic from WalletHub below for spending statistics, as well as several other interesting numbers pertaining to Valentine’s Day 2016:

Source: WalletHub

Valentine’s Day can become quite expensive between the chocolates, flowers, jewelry, a fancy dinner, and more. Use these 5 money-saving tips to make sure Cupid doesn’t shoot an arrow through your budget this year:

    1. Avoid the restaurants and make dinner at home – This one may be the most obvious way to save money on Valentine’s Day. Rather than fighting for your waiter’s attention in a packed restaurant and ordering from an expensive prix fixe menu, make it a couple’s night where both partners work together in the kitchen to make something more special than an ordinary night’s dinner. Dim the lights or make it a candlelight dinner and the mood is set!
    1. Make Valentine’s-themed snacks & catch a flick – With the extra time saved by not going out to eat, make some delicious snacks (caramel-drizzled popcorn or pink Rice Krispies Treats sound delicious!) and forgo the more-expensive boxed chocolates, which will be perfect for when you watch a movie. This may also be the one evening that you can enjoy a romantic comedy together.
    1. Make a personalized gift instead of buying an expensive one – Sure, retailers won’t love this idea, but your wallet will. This puts more of an emphasis on the thought and time you take to make a personalized gift that has a special meaning. This can be any romantic gesture, ranging from a simple letter, to a collage of photos, or even a coupon book, where the recipient would be entitled to a massage or breakfast in bed at any time over the course of the year. Giving an expensive necklace on Valentine’s Day isn’t a novel idea.
    1. Buy and deliver flowers yourself – Roses that cost significantly more at your local florist’s aren’t always that much better in quality compared to those sold in a wholesale club or upscale supermarket. The key is making sure they are stored in a refrigerator for freshness. You can also avoid the delivery charge by stepping up and delivering the bouquet – and a kiss – yourself!
  1. Make Valentine’s Day your own – Simply put, as millions of couples celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, agree with your significant other on shifting the day you celebrate it to February 15th or another date nearby. This way, you won’t be paying a mark-up on a fancy dinner at a restaurant or gifts such as chocolate. In fact, you can score some serious savings after the 14th on virtually all Valentine’s-related goods.


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