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Much Ado About…


You may have heard about the “Trump Tariffs;” that is, the proposed 25% surtax on all steel imports coming into the U.S. from foreign manufacturers, and a similar 10% surtax on aluminum. The markets certainly noticed; they fell dramatically after the announcement, as investors feared that the move would spark a global trade war.

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Four Tips for Downsizing in Retirement


Going through years of accumulated possessions and memories is probably not how you envisioned spending part of your retirement. It may sound like a daunting and emotionally draining task, but downsizing could be a savvy financial move, especially if you haven’t reached your retirement savings goals.

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Condor Capital Management’s 2017/2018 Mid-Season Ski Industry Update


Condor Capital Management’s 2017/18 Mid-Season Ski Industry Update: Battle of the Passes – Epic vs. Ikon

MARTINSVILLE, N.J., – (PR NEWSWIRE) – With January now in the rearview, skiers and snowboarders across the country remain optimistic for a rebound from the notable absence of snowfall that has plagued the first half of the 2017/18 ski season. However, even though weather has not exactly cooperated with skiers this season, recent news surrounding Vail Resorts (Vail) and its newly named competitor Alterra Mountain Co. (Alterra) should leave individuals pleased with the consumer-focused direction of the overall ski industry, according to Ken Schapiro of Condor Capital Management.

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2017 4th Quarter Newsletter

Condor has sent out its 2017 4th Quarter Newsletter!

What’s Inside:

  • Demographic Dilemma: Is America’s Aging Population Slowing Down the Economy?
  • Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement
  • What Financial Resolutions Should I Consider Making as I Look Ahead to 2018?
  • What Educational Benefits Are Available to Servicemembers?

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