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From SpongeBob to robos: Can Sarah Levy guide Betterment to an IPO? (Citywire, Dec 15, 2023)
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JPMorgan shuttering robo-advisor citing low profits (FinancialPlanning, Dec 12, 2023)

Pioneering Robo-Advisor Wealthfront Tops $50 Billion in Assets (Barron’s, Nov 16, 2023)
Report: Alts Shops Are Missing Out on Self-Directed Investors (Ignites, Sep 14, 2023)
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BlackRock Closes FutureAdvisor’s Retail Business, Moves Clients To Ritholtz Wealth (Investment News, Feb 28, 2023)
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BlackRock Just Sold Its Robo-Advisor To The Wealth Firm Ritholtz Wealth Management (Business Insider, Feb 28, 2023)
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Sarah Levy Makes Second Unpopular Decision At Betterment In Two Months After Showing Forbearance Her First Two Years As CEO (RIABiz, Feb 17, 2023)
Betterment Lays Off 28 Employees (Wealth Management, Feb 16, 2023)
Betterment Laying Off 28 Employees (Think Advisor, Feb 16, 2023)
Betterment Lays Off 28 As Fintechs Continue To Feel The Pinch (Investment News, Feb 16, 2023)
Betterment To Lay Off 28, Close Philadelphia Office (Citywire, Feb 16, 2023)
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Schwab Robo Clients Receive $52 Million For Allocation Disclosure Failures (FA Magazine, Jan 18, 2023)
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Wealthfront Pounces After Betterment Jacks Up Prices On Small Investors, But Betterment Claims Last Laugh — ‘Thousands’ Of New Customers, It Says (RIABiz, Jan 9, 2023)


Morgan Stanley Acquires Assets Of Defunct Robo-Advisor Blooom (FA Magazine, Dec 8, 2022)
Robo Buy May Bolster Morgan Stanley’s Retirement Biz (Ignites, Dec 5, 2022)
UBS Americas Head to Lead US Digital Expansion (Ignites, Dec 5, 2022)
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Robo-Advisors Don’t Want To Be Judged On Their Crypto Advice (Axios, Oct 18, 2022)
Fidelity, Morgan Stanley Consolidate Robo-Advisor Units (FA Magazine, Oct 17, 2022)
Betterment Launches 4 Crypto Portfolios (ThinkAdvisor, Oct 12, 2022)
Betterment Introduces Crypto Offering With A Quartet Of Customized Portfolios (FinancialPlanning, Oct 12, 2022)
Betterment’s Crypto Portfolios Include Allocations To Dogecoin (Investment News, Oct 12, 2022)
E*Trade Robo to Absorb Morgan Stanley’s (Ignites, Oct 4, 2022)
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Fidelity Will Merge Its Robo-Advisor Offerings (Barron’s, Sep 23, 2022)
Fidelity to Consolidate Robos (Ignites, Sep 22, 2022)
Regulators Appear To Be Growing Increasingly Wary Of Banks And Fintech Startups Getting Too Cozy (TechCrunch, Sep 11, 2022)
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Betterment Changed Investing. A Decade On, The Startup Is Moving Away From Its Robo-Advice Roots As It Faces More Competition Than Ever. (Business Insider, Jul 29, 2022)
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Vanguard, Betterment Top New Ranking Of Robo-Advisers (Wealth Management, Apr 1, 2022)
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Why A Bank For The Super Rich Is Taking Aim At The Younger Merely Rich (Bloomberg, Jan 26, 2022)
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Charles Schwab Discloses SEC Probe. The Stock Is Down. (Barron’s, Jul 2, 2021)
Schwab’s $200 Million Charge Puts Scrutiny On Robo-Advising (Bloomberg, Jul 2, 2021)
Schwab Faces $200m Hit Over SEC Probe Into Robo Disclosures (Citywire, Jul 2, 2021)
The SEC’s Probe Into Charles Schwab’s Robo-Advisor Is An Early Glimpse Of The Regulator’s Fintech Crackdown (Business Insider, Jul 2, 2021)
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This Housing-Market Gauge Just Posted Its Greatest Percentage Drop Ever (Barron’s, Apr 15, 2020)
Outcome-Driven Policies, Factor Risk Minimization Insulate Retirement Plan Participants In Volatile Markets (Businesswire, Apr 15, 2020)
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Wells Fargo Takes Ax To Robo-Advisor Fee (Barron’s, Apr 13, 2020)
UBS Robo Customers Serviced By FAs Get 66% Fee Hike (AdvisorHub, Apr 8, 2020)
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