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The Condor Capital Difference

If you are a plan sponsor seeking to reduce your responsibility and liability under your 401(k) plan, hiring a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to manage plan options could prove to be highly favorable.

Having skilled investment advisors at your disposal is an asset that never depreciates.  Our team of academically and professionally diverse advisors consists of certified financial practitioners holding CFA®, CFP®, and CIMA®; designations.  Condor uses a team-based approach to diligently manage retirement plans, so the members of your plan gain assurance that their investments are systematically supervised by more than one investment professional.

If your small business is in search of an RIA with experts that are well-versed in the retirement field, read below in addition to contacting an advisor at Condor Capital today to learn more about how our investment managers can help your small business get the most out of its 401(k) plan.

Why Condor Capital?

Our advisors, holding CFA®, CFP®, and CIMA® designations, specialize in 401(k) planning and advising

As an SEC regulated RIA with a fiduciary duty, our advisors must always act in the best interest of our clients

As an employee-owned company, we all have a stake in servicing you well.

We ensure that your plan complies with existing ERISA standards in addition to new laws and regulations

By diversifying/monitoring your 401(k) plan, our advisors work to meet all of your plan goals and objectives

Regularly evaluating the funds allows us to make highly informed decisions when managing your investment options

Our role, source of fees, and all other important disclosures are outlined in writing

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