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We can present collated financials to identify where the most money is being spent in order to help manage your budget. This can help ensure all taxes are being paid accordingly, and we track all relevant documents, so you never have to worry about organizing them yourself.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

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It can be difficult to manage payments for ongoing expenses within your household. We can take over that responsibility for you and ensure that everything is handled on time, whether these are recurring invoices or one-time payments.

Bill Pay

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We have assisted with remote transactions on behalf of clients. If you are too busy to manage payment for different items and services, we can handle it for you.

Arranging Transactions

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By assisting in monitoring your credit cards, we can help you avoid fraudulent charges or deal with them immediately as they appear.

Credit Management

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Condor Capital Real Estate is able to assist you with property acquisition, mortgage refinancing, property management, and valuation research.

In our wealth management area, we invest in private real estate deals throughout the country. These can be larger multi-family residential properties, hotels, or anything that looks attractive.

Private Real Estate – When searching for private equity deals, Condor Real Estate focuses on high-conviction locations that are part of a favorable secular trend. We seek out locations that are favorable to demographic shifts, like those that favor cities in the southeast and northwest of the United States.

Real Estate

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If you are discontented with your current insurance program or are seeking a better alternative for any service you use, we can compile all the information you need to make an informed decision and handle the research and interview prospective services for you, no matter the issue.

Research & Analysis

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Too busy to create an itinerary for your vacation? We can handle the logistics of planning and arranging the transportation, lodging, dining, and activities.

Travel Arrangements

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You don’t have to handle all the calls and paperwork yourself. We can step in to make sure that everything is filed in a timely manner.

Insurance Claims

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If you need a consultation with another service, we can act as the liaison for you to make sure everything is communicated as needed.

Consultation with third parties

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If there is a legal matter, we can interface with your attorney on your behalf to make sure that everything is being handled properly.

Legal Affairs


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