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Explore: There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch — Or Is There?


There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch — Or Is There?


Factor investing, which revolves around an investment according to specific, pre-determined characteristics (“factors”), has piqued the interest of many in the investing world as investors hope they can finally beat the market on a consistent basis. According to, indexes can be constructed according to these six risk factors: Value, Low Size, Low Volatility, High Yield, Quality and Momentum. By doing so, factor investing combines simplicity, transparency, and the affordability of indexing with the irresistible prospect of “beating the market,” which explains its surge in popularity over recent years.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Summer is finally in full swing, which means America’s birthday is right around the corner. The Fourth of July marks the festive occasion when Americans can gather with their friends and family to celebrate America’s independence and enjoy summertime fun. This weekend, 64.5% of Americans will attend a social gathering such as a barbecue or picnic. Just remember to be safe this holiday and from all of us here at Condor Capital, have a happy Fourth of July! Additionally, check out the infographic from WalletHub below to learn more about the numbers pertaining to the upcoming festivities:

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Condor Capital Management Warns That High Dividend Stocks are a Dangerous Alternative to Bonds

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Since 2009, the efforts of the Federal Reserve and other global central banks to keep interest rates down have been an essential driver of the capital markets. With the Brexit news causing even more uncertainty and leading to a broad flight-to-quality, the historically low interest rates will probably stick around for some time.

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Comments on Brexit

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I wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts on the major news event today, the “leave” vote in the British referendum to leave the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit. Our thoughts will be limited to the economic and financial impact of the vote, as I will leave the geopolitical implications to the pundits for now. This is not to say that the geopolitical consequences will be trivial, as we believe the vote to leave the European Union was very much related to issues that are not obviously economic, including immigration, border control, and Britain’s relationship with Brussels. However, the geopolitical consequences will take years to play out and are beyond the scope of this update.

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Condor Capital Management Highlights What Not to Keep in Your Wallet

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Your bulging wallet is doing more than just burning a hole in your pocket. It also acts as the key for any thief wishing to take over your identity. This is especially noteworthy, since some reports suggest that 1,000 wallets and purses are stolen every two minutes in the United States.

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Condor Capital Management Suggests What to Review When Considering Retirement Abroad

The idea definitely has its merits: Move abroad to a beautiful place and live for a fraction of what it would cost to retire in the United States, especially in light of increasing life expectancies and costs of living. Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, and Thailand are all popular retirement destinations for Americans not only because of their temperate climates, but also for their marginal costs when compared to the United States.

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Condor Capital Management Dissects the Credit Score

MARTINSVILLE, N.J., June 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When it comes to finance, numbers clearly matter. However, one of the most powerful within the realm of personal finance is a three digit indicator that shows just how worthy of a borrower an individual is – the notorious credit score. We have all heard about it, but what exactly is this and how is it comprised? According to Ken Schapiro of Condor Capital Management, it is a three-digit number that is generated from information collected by credit agencies and paints a picture of how healthy someone’s finances are. By taking a look at this score, lenders have an initial indication on whether or not to extend credit to you for such things as a mortgage or car loan. In addition, if you are approved for credit, your credit score will also be utilized to determine the interest rate that you are charged. Generally speaking, Schapiro says that a good credit score to target is 720 or higher, though all lenders will have different standards to determine what score is optimal for the extension of their services. With so many factors to consider, it is increasingly important to build a strong credit history and work to increase your credit score over time. However, in order to consider ways to increase a credit score, it’s important to know what goes into a credit score is.

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Approach the Yield With Caution


Some deals might be too good to be true, and when it comes to investing, a healthy amount of skepticism is important in order to differentiate the deals from the duds.

With persistently low rates right now, yield-starved investors have been looking for more ways to boost their returns. The 10-year Treasury yield is hovering around 1.5%, and equities offering yields of 5% or more have become even more attractive in this environment as a result. Should investors just take the plunge then and expect a big return with these investments?

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Condor Capital Management’s 2015/16 Ski Season Wrap-Up

Condor Capital Management’s 2015/16 Ski Season Wrap-Up: Strong Season in the West Counters Above-Average Temperatures in the East

MARTINSVILLE, N.J., June 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the memory of a difficult 2014/15 ski season still fresh in the minds of many snow sports enthusiasts, the hope was that this season would deliver sufficient powder to spur a return to the slopes. On the whole, the 2015/16 ski season was favorable in many parts of the country, including drought-stricken regions like the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest, according to Ken Schapiro of Condor Capital Management. Continue reading “Condor Capital Management’s 2015/16 Ski Season Wrap-Up”

The Cost of “Happily Ever After” Skyrockets for the 5th Straight Year


With wedding season in full swing, how much consideration have couples really given to the rising costs associated with the big day? When the time comes to plan their wedding, many couples may be surprised, as a recent study completed by The Knot (a wedding planning website) found that for the fifth year in a row, the average price for a wedding increased by 4.6% to $32,641 in 2015. This national average is actually just a fraction of the average cost of weddings in the Northeast. New York City, on average, is the most expensive place to tie the knot; couples pay a whopping $82,299! Northern and Central New Jersey couples open up their wallets as well, with the average cost topping $55,000 on their wedding day.

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