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We are providing an update on Condor Capital’s initial article pertaining to the recent data breach at credit reporting agency Equifax in light of newly-reported information regarding those who were impacted.

Recent reporting by the Wall Street Journal has discovered that individuals who purchased credit-monitoring services from Equifax were included in the group of people who had their credit card information stolen as a result of the data breach at Equifax. These purchases of Equifax’s credit-monitoring service were made prior to the company’s disclosure of a substantial data breach that exposed the sensitive personal information of nearly 143 million people and the credit card information of approximately 209,000 people. In some instances, purchasers of the firm’s credit-monitoring product initially called Equifax to dispute items such as loans or credit cards on their credit reports that they believed to be fraudulent, and were subsequently sold a credit-monitoring product as a safeguard.

We encourage you to read Condor Capital’s blog post on the recent Equifax Data breach (click here for article) to learn more about what actions you can take in order to protect your information and quickly react to any credit-related issues that may arise. Regardless of whether you believe your credit card information was accessed as a result of purchasing Equifax’s credit-monitoring service prior to the recent data breach, it is prudent to closely monitor your credit card(s) and credit report so that any potentially fraudulent activity can be promptly recognized and remediated.


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