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Explore: The Competing Effects of a Strong Dollar

The Competing Effects of a Strong Dollar


Recently, amid excitement over the possibility of the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 20,000, the U.S. dollar somewhat quietly hit a 14-year high. The greenback moved higher following December’s Fed meeting, in which the central bank raised rates and put out a hawkish statement on the possibility of more rate increases next year. In the following weeks, the dollar has continued to grind even higher. Beyond just the headlines, what does this actually mean for American consumers, businesses, and investors?

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Finding the right health insurance plan can be daunting. Unlike most other types of insurance, health insurance policies usually incorporate some form of cost sharing, meaning you will likely end up paying more than just the cost of your premium. In order to ensure that you have the proper form of coverage, it is imperative to understand two of the most frequently confused components of health insurance plans, copays and coinsurance.

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Condor Capital Management’s 2016/17 Ski Season Outlook


Condor Capital Management’s 2016/17 Ski Season Outlook: Early Snowfall On Both Coasts & an Improving Economy, a Positive Omen for Visits?

MARTINSVILLE, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2016 / With high hopes for a snowy winter season from skiers across our country, many signs are indeed pointing to a solid upcoming 2016/17 ski season. A quick look back at the 2015/16 season shows that skier and snowboarder visits increased slightly to 53.9 million, up from 53.6 million the year before, according to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). While this appears to be only a small increase at the margin, the devil is in the details. Continue reading “Condor Capital Management’s 2016/17 Ski Season Outlook”

Get in the Holiday Spirit by Giving the Smart Way


The holiday season is a time filled with the spirit of giving. According to a study from Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy, 24% of total donations are made in the small window between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The annual surge in giving has led nonprofits to nickname this period as the “Giving Season.”

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Why the “Trump Rally” May Not Translate To Your Portfolio


The strong rise in the stock market, led by big gains in the financials, energy, and industrials sectors, has dominated the news recently. Dubbed by some as the “Trump Rally,” widespread anticipation of less regulation, lower taxes, and pro-growth policies have pushed major stock indexes to record highs. While the most aggressive, risk-on investors have reaped the full scope of these gains, the effects on the retirement and brokerage accounts of the average investor have been more moderate. The reason why is simple.

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What to Make of Recent Treasury Yield Moves


There are a couple of recurring themes that have seemed to dominate the financial news in recent weeks: the rise of the major indexes to record highs in equities and the steep rise in treasury yields. Since growth and interest rate expectations factor into both moves, these two headlines may seem like two sides of the same coin; yet there is a major difference between the two.

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