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High Yield – What’s in Your Index?


Buyers Should Be Aware of Falling Commodity Prices

With so many energy and basic materials companies’ credit ratings having been downgraded in the face of weakness in commodity prices, investors in the high yield space should take note of changes to the pertaining indexes. Bonds that were previously rated investment grade may have been pushed down to the high yield segment, while those of the highest quality in the junk bond spectrum could have been pushed down to the B and CCC areas, denoting even riskier fare.

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It’s All About the Jobs!

The heightened volatility in the capital markets this year has been due, in part, to concerns surrounding the possibility of another recession. While some economic data, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), are pointing to signs of an economic slowdown, there is one important number showing optimism that investors should keep an eye on: Continue reading “It’s All About the Jobs!”

The Energy Sector is Sneezing, but the Economy Has Not Caught a Cold