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It’s a fact that the markets will fluctuate, meaning that there may be periods where your account will underperform. Nonetheless, as difficult as it is, it’s important to keep a long-term perspective and stick to a properly positioned, balanced portfolio. A significant part of this process is establishing a diversified portfolio both within and among asset classes in order to control risk and invest in assets that move in different directions. While it may feel right to hold on to, or even add to, “winners” and sell “losers” that are underperforming, investors need to understand that various categories and asset classes have a role in a well-diversified portfolio.

Far too often, investors start off with a diversified portfolio but allow shortsightedness or their emotions to ruin the benefits before the positive impacts are felt. The full benefits of diversification take time to bear fruit – for a deeper dive on why a long-term perspective and diversification in the international space are crucial, check out Ben Carlson’s work at A Wealth of Common Sense here.

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