Condor Capital Management

Prateek Malhotra

Vice President, Information Technology

Prateek joined Condor as an intern back in 2007 at the start of his freshman year at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. While attending college full-time and working at Condor part time, Prateek went from IT intern to IT Manager. He joined Condor full time as Vice President of Information Technology in January 2012 upon graduating from Rutgers with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and a minor in Economics. His decision to continue his professional career at Condor was easy to make after witnessing first hand how Condor’s leadership and team always went above and beyond to provide the best service for their clients and employees.

Prateek is responsible for working with and guiding Condor’s Information Technology team for maintaining and improving the technology backbone that runs Condor. He helps with the planning and execution of projects designed to introduce and integrate new technology to increase service, security, and reliability to Condor’s employees and clients. Prateek’s experience with hardware, networking, security, and software development at all levels and aspects enables him to design and implement custom solutions for Condor to bring high levels of efficiency and cost-savings.

Outside the office, Prateek is rarely found at home, opting to go out on adventures and experience travel and activities with friends and family virtually every free day he has. He also enjoys researching all things technology: programming languages, phones, smart homes, cars, and enterprise software. It is no coincidence that Prateek’s home network has served as a test bed for some of the core infrastructure running at Condor today: he purchases from many of the same vendors Condor uses and is probably the only house on his block with enterprise-anything running in it. Prateek feels fortunate that he can call his passion his career.