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Best Financial Advisers for Doctors

Medical Economics – 2015

Medical Economics 2015

2015 marks the fifth straight year that Ken Schapiro, Condor Capital’s President, has been listed in the Medical Economics “Best Financial Advisers for Doctors” publication. Ken is honored to have been consistently recognized for his dedication to the many hard-working and dedicated medical professionals through this listing.

Medical Economics – 2014

Medical Economics 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, Condor Capital’s President Ken Schapiro has been included in the Medical Economics "Best Financial Advisers for Doctors" publication. Joining him for the 2014 honor is two-time winner Brian Slater. They are honored and excited to be included in this publication for their commitment to the financial well-being of doctors.

Medical Economics – 2013

Medical Economics 2013

With a growing client base consisting of doctors and other medical professionals who have sought Ken Schapiro’s expertise, he was named for the third time as a "Best Financial Adviser for Doctors" by Medical Economics in 2013. Brian Slater, and Executive Vice President at Condor Capital, was also recognized for his knowledge and commitment to doctors, placing him on the list for the first time.

Medical Economics – 2012

Medical Economics 2012

Ken Schapiro’s dedication to doctors was again recognized, as he was listed in the Medical Economics "2012 Best Financial Advisers for Doctors" issue. Ken enjoys working with doctors and showoing them the care and attention that they provide their own patients, but may not get themselves when seeking professional financial services.

Medical Economics – 2011

Medical Economics 2011

Condor Capital’s President, Ken Schapiro, is honored to have been named by Medical Economics in the "2011 Best Financial Advisers for Dcotors" publication after many years of helping doctors and other medical professionals improve their financial situation. Ken’s deep knowledge of the recently-passed healthcare law and its impact on doctors has also made him a trusted expert on this topic in the community.


The Medical Economics Best Financial Advisers for Doctors 

The Medical Economics Best Financial Advisers for Doctors listing is based on the following criteria: qualifications, good standing with the SEC and FINRA, fee arrangements, and minimum portfolio. Medical Economics Best Financial Advisers is a paid Listing advertising supplement, written and published by Advanstar Communications Inc. as a source of information concerning individual financial advisers for use by physicians, health care professionals, and the public. The listing is provided as a service to its subscribers, and the Medical Economics best Financial Advisers Advertising Supplement does not contain sufficient information to verify the Advisers credentials but it does offer the public, physicians, hospitals, and managed care organization, and other care organizations general information pertaining to the listed advisers. Adviser data is self-reported by the Adviser. References to any specific adviser does not imply or constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of such Adviser by the Publisher or any of its affiliates.


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