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2010 Condor Capital Charity Open

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2013 Open

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2016 Open

Our 3rd open will take place in early December of 2016


Justin Gimelstob Children’s Fund

At the height of Justin Gimelstob’s professional tennis career in 1998, he established the Justin Gimelstob Children’s Fund. The initial intent of the fund was to further the support and growth of local tennis programs in underprivileged areas across New Jersey and New York. As the fund expanded, Justin Gimelstob started donating large portions to the Valerie Fund, which provides ongoing support and care to thousands of children with cancer and blood disorders.

The Valerie Fund

In 1976, Ed and Sue Goldstein established the Valerie Fund in memory of their nine-year-old daughter, Valerie Goldstein, after she passed away from cancer. Every year, the fund provides thousands of children suffering from cancer and other blood disorders with the comprehensive health care and support they need to recover. In addition to treatment of their physical illnesses, patients at the Valerie Fund Centers receive the ongoing, individualized care from a large staff of social workers, counselors, psychologists, and child-life specialists.


Bob and Mike Bryan


The Bryan Brothers are identical twins that have become famous for their success as professional doubles tennis players. Unlike other professional doubles teams, the Bryans display an uncanny ability to move completely in sync on the court, which is why they are widely considered one of the best tennis doubles teams of all time. They have won multiple Olympic medals and have won more professional games, matches, tournaments and Grand Slams than any other men’s pairing. Additionally, the Bryans have jointly held the World No. 1 Doubles ranking since 2003, which is longer than anyone else in doubles history. Attendees and sponsors of the 2010 Condor Capital Charity Open got to watch the Bryan brothers compete in a Pro-Am tournament and a 90-minute tennis clinic at Courtside Racquet Club.

Justin Gimelstob

Justin Gimelstob is a retired American tennis player that currently runs a children’s fund and coaches American up-and-coming tennis players. As a pro, he won the 1998 Australian Open and the 1998 French Open mixed doubles titles with Venus Williams as his partner. He won 10 singles titles and 15 doubles championships as a pro, and he was twice a member of the U.S. Davis Cup Team. At the 2010 Condor Capital Charity Open, the proceeds of the event went to Justin’s charity. He attended the event at Courtside Racquet Club for the Pro-Am tournaments and the 90-minute tennis clinic. Additionally, he participated in a tennis match against the Bryan brothers, with Eric Butorac as his partner.


Eric Butorac


Eric Butorac is an American tennis player. His biggest result has been reaching the 2014 Australian Open finals with partner Raven Klaasen. Their run to the final included a victory over the World No. 1 team of Bob and Mike Bryan. During the Condor Capital Charity Open, Eric was ranked the No. 36 male doubles player. A year later, Butorac would have reached his career-high ranking of No.17 male doubles player. Additionally, Butorac is the president of the ATP Player’s Council and since 2010, has been the volunteer assistant coach at Harvard University. Butorac and Gimelstob lost the tournament against the Bryan Brothers in the first Condor Capital Charity Open, but it was a very intense close to the day!


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