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Explore: The Art of the Deal: Mergers & Acquisitions Edition

The Art of the Deal: Mergers & Acquisitions Edition


Last month, corporations set an all-time record for the value of deals related to mergers and acquisitions, as we discussed here. Among the reasons for the new high, which beat out the previous record from January 2000 by over $50 billion, were the Continue reading “The Art of the Deal: Mergers & Acquisitions Edition”

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Deal or No Deal? American Businesses Have a Clear Answer


If you’ve picked up on the news stories regarding mergers and acquisitions this month, you’re on to something – whether it’s AT&T’s bid for Time Warner or today’s announcement of GE seeking to combine its oil and gas business with Baker Hughes. While the number of deals may not be at record highs, the value of the deals certainly are.

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Back-to-School Savings Study Guide


According to the National Retail Federation, families in America spent an average of $630.36 per child on back-to-school needs like electronics, clothing, and school supplies in 2015. That’s 42% more than families spent a decade ago! With costs increasing, follow these 4 easy tips to graduate this year’s back-to-school shopping season with an A+.

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Benefits for Bravery


Memorial Day is a federal holiday to honor and remember the troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom and ideals. Every year, this holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in May. This holiday dates back to 1868, after the Civil War, when it was known as Decoration Day because it was a day to decorate the graves of the soldiers who had died in battle. Although Memorial Day is intended to honor those who have lost their lives in war, many institutions take this day to recognize and celebrate all veterans. With Memorial Day coming up, it is time to give back to those who gave everything to our country and make veterans aware of some of the many benefits available to them.

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