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Condor Capital Reviews 4th Quarter 2019

Financial markets finished the year near all-time highs, wrapping up a decade marked almost exclusively by bull markets.  The S&P 500 Index gained another 9.06% in the fourth quarter, resulting in an overall gain of 31.48% for the U.S. benchmark in 2019.  While it should be noted that this stellar year came off a low base thanks to a relatively large market downturn in December 2018, it still proved to be a year of strong economic growth and multiple expansion, with markets resilient against trade and political uncertainties.  As was often the case in 2019, growth stocks outperformed their value counterparts in the fourth quarter, though the gap between the two did narrow in the second half of the year.  Healthcare and technology stocks significantly outpaced many other sectors, while real estate and utilities lagged notably.  Small-caps finished the quarter as the top performers, followed by large-caps and then mid-caps.

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