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IRS Providing Relief for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey


A recent decision by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has now allowed individuals who have been adversely affected by Hurricane Harvey to utilize the assets within their employer-sponsored plan(s) in order to address their financial needs. Continue reading “IRS Providing Relief for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey”

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Customer Service in the Age of Twitter


Technology has advanced rapidly since the advent of the internet. New platforms, such as Twitter, have become a huge disrupter to the traditional consumer shopping experience. How companies adapt to this new age of communication is reflective of their brand image, especially among an increasingly more interconnected population.

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Inaugural Economics


This Friday, Donald Trump will participate in a tradition that has held since April 30, 1789 – the Presidential Inauguration. On that date, George Washington was sworn in by Chancellor Robert R. Livingston in New York City, which was the national capital at the time. While the oath taken by the incoming president has remained largely unchanged over the centuries, almost everything else about the inaugural ceremony has changed. Continue reading “Inaugural Economics”

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Condor’s Commitment to Success

Condor has always adhered to the highest standards of professional conduct and compliance and we’ve now made it easier for you to learn more. Click here to learn how Condor continues to go above and beyond our competition to provide the the highest level of service within our industry and our commitment to our clients.

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5 Cyber Security Avenues of Attack

In light of all the recent news on cyber threats and attacks, we thought it was time to refresh our article on cyber security from last year. Having an adequate understanding of cyber security not only provides individuals with the opportunity to better protect their private information on and off the web, but also allows them to recognize when and/or why they are at risk. Below are a number of recommendations from Condor Capital on how to sufficiently safeguard yourself against potential security vulnerabilities:

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