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Target-Date Funds – Should You Set It and Forget It?

Since the first one was launched in 1994, target-date mutual funds have increasingly gained in popularity among investors.  Over the last decade, target-date funds have become a staple of 401k other retirement investment plans.  With that being said, total assets invested in such funds have soared from $111.9 billion in 2006 to $644 billion in 2014.

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Tax Loss Harvesting

Although robust equity returns during 2013 have certainly been welcome, one drawback for investors with taxable accounts may come next year when it comes time to file their taxes. Due to the strong equity performance, many accounts have generated capital gains over the past year. One portfolio management strategy that can reduce this burden and enhance after-tax returns is "tax loss harvesting

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High Dividend Yield vs. Dividend Growth

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors have scoured the investment universe for sources of incremental income, including everything from high yield bonds, emerging market debt, and even stocks with high dividend yields.  While we previously addressed the differences between high dividend stocks and bonds (see: "High Dividend Stocks are Not Bonds"), we now examine the difference between stocks with high absolute yields and those with demonstrated histories of dividend growth.

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