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Explore: Summer Job Search Points to the Gig Economy

Summer Job Search Points to the Gig Economy


Between April and July of each year, the youth labor force (16-to-24-year-olds who are either working or actively looking for employment) grows. This should not come as a surprise, however, because summer break leads many more high school and college students to seek out and accept employment. Furthermore, graduation leads a large percentage of this demographic to find and attain permanent employment.

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Volkswagen Diesel Car Owners OK — but What About the Collateral Damage?


Gas-Powered Vehicle Owners & Dealers Left in the Dust

Yesterday, some details were released regarding Volkswagen’s settlement with diesel car owners and the federal government in regards to its diesel emissions scandal. In essence, Volkswagen is expected to either buy back the affected cars or fix the issues completely. These car owners will be fine, but what about the others who are associated with the brand?

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Do Economic Expansions Grow Tired With Time?


With the market swoon to start the year, many investors wondered if we were finally due for a sustained slowdown in the economy or even a recession. After all, since 1926, recessions have happened once every five years on average and it has been over six-and-a-half years since the last one ended.

Well, positive economic growth has continued and the capital markets have actually made a sharp recovery since mid-February. So, does this make a recession even likelier now as more time has passed?

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In Manhattan, the ̶S̶k̶y̶ Rent is Falling!

Manhattan has always been notorious for the superbly high rates of rent which tenants of the New York City borough have had to endure. While there is no indication that Manhattan will cease to exist as one of the most expensive places to rent in the country, for the first time in 24 months, average rent rates on a year-over-year basis actually fell in the borough. Based on a recent report by Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the median rental price has declined by nearly 3% to $3,300/month for Manhattan in March 2016 versus the same month last year and about 2.5% on a month-over-month basis.

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It’s All About the Jobs!

The heightened volatility in the capital markets this year has been due, in part, to concerns surrounding the possibility of another recession. While some economic data, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), are pointing to signs of an economic slowdown, there is one important number showing optimism that investors should keep an eye on: Continue reading “It’s All About the Jobs!”

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The Energy Sector is Sneezing, but the Economy Has Not Caught a Cold
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Alphabet Overtakes Apple as Largest Publicly-Traded Company
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Crude Oil & Gasoline Prices – Like Most Relationships, This One Isn’t Perfect

A commonly observed phenomenon that takes place within the retail gasoline market is the asymmetrical way in which gasoline prices adjust to changes in crude oil prices. While there is a general belief that gasoline prices should adjust proportionately and symmetrically to crude oil’s price movements, this is actually a misconception.

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