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Explore: It’s All About the Jobs!

It’s All About the Jobs!

The heightened volatility in the capital markets this year has been due, in part, to concerns surrounding the possibility of another recession. While some economic data, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), are pointing to signs of an economic slowdown, there is one important number showing optimism that investors should keep an eye on: Continue reading “It’s All About the Jobs!”

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The Energy Sector is Sneezing, but the Economy Has Not Caught a Cold
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Alphabet Overtakes Apple as Largest Publicly-Traded Company
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Crude Oil & Gasoline Prices – Like Most Relationships, This One Isn’t Perfect

A commonly observed phenomenon that takes place within the retail gasoline market is the asymmetrical way in which gasoline prices adjust to changes in crude oil prices. While there is a general belief that gasoline prices should adjust proportionately and symmetrically to crude oil’s price movements, this is actually a misconception.

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Investing Overseas – Elephants in the Room

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, central banks across the globe have taken extraordinary measures in an effort to avert financial calamity and spark economic growth. Five years after the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers, central banks’ policies continue to play a critical role in the direction of economies around the world. While it is important to consider how a country/region’s monetary policy impacts its home market, looking at their actions in aggregate can have a material impact on investment decisions regarding markets far away.

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