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Explore: Top 5 Mistakes People Make in College Planning

Top 5 Mistakes People Make in College Planning

The cost of education is rapidly increasing.  With student loan debt now being the second highest consumer debt category, trailing mortgage debt, the stakes of college planning are high and there is not much room for error.  Here are some common mistakes that parents make when planning for their children’s college education.

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Long-Term Care Insurance


Individuals often overlook the importance of having a plan in place that will prepare them for a potential loss of independency. While it is true that the elderly are most prone to a decline in the ability to perform the daily functions of life, the chances of any individual (regardless of age) requiring long-term care in their lifetime are higher than you might think. Continue reading “Long-Term Care Insurance”

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Renters Under Pressure Globally


Attempting to make comparisons between the structures of countries’ housing markets is a difficult task. Numerous elements must be considered, such as geography, government policies, and demographics, while analysis can be further complicated by an overall shortage of comparable data throughout various countries. Continue reading “Renters Under Pressure Globally”

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Student Debt in America: The Baby Elephant in the Room


In a world where a college degree is more important, and expensive, than ever, America’s student debt continues to balloon. Total U.S. student debt reached an all-time high of $1.31 trillion last year, the 18th consecutive annual increase in a row. Continue reading “Student Debt in America: The Baby Elephant in the Room”

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Condor Capital Management’s 2016/2017 Mid-Season Ski Industry Update


Condor Capital Management’s 2016/2017 Mid-Season Ski Industry Update: A Strong Rebound in Weather Leaves Many Resorts Thankful

MARTINSVILLE, N.J. – (ACCESSWIRE) – March 13, 2017 – So far, most skiers and snowboarders can agree that the 2016/17 season has shaped up to be much better than last. Despite an unseasonably warm start to the season, many regions such as the Pacific Northwest have since experienced significant snow accumulation, bringing forth a solid number of visitors to the country’s major resorts. However, much like last season, the weather story has not been consistent across both coasts, which has many skiers on the East Coast wishing for next season already. Even so, healthy performance across the majority of resorts in the United States points to a strong finish for the ski industry, according to Ken Schapiro of Condor Capital Management.

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Dealing with the Fallout of Excess IRA Contributions


Tax season is here and the deadline is quickly approaching. Scores of Americans are gathering their documents in preparation and accountants are working overtime to make sure that everything is in order for their filings. It is during this preparation that investors often find out that their IRAs have contribution limits and exceeding those limits can be a costly error.

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