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With wedding season in full swing, how much consideration have couples really given to the rising costs associated with the big day? When the time comes to plan their wedding, many couples may be surprised, as a recent study completed by The Knot (a wedding planning website) found that for the fifth year in a row, the average price for a wedding increased by 4.6% to $32,641 in 2015. This national average is actually just a fraction of the average cost of weddings in the Northeast. New York City, on average, is the most expensive place to tie the knot; couples pay a whopping $82,299! Northern and Central New Jersey couples open up their wallets as well, with the average cost topping $55,000 on their wedding day.

Couples’ expectations of their wedding day increase every time the prospective bride or groom sees a wedding on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Snapchat. These social media outlets act as wedding planners, and are one of the growing factors contributing to the trend of rising wedding costs each year. The future Mr. & Mrs. are using social media every day to draw inspiration, which gives the average couple an unrealistic idea of what they can afford since a lot of the wedding pictures that are posted were achieved with grandiose budgets. Another major factor contributing to the rise in wedding costs is the idea of personalization. Every time a couple sees a wedding on social media, it is as if they attended that wedding and do not want to copy anything that they saw in that wedding picture or post. This means that they are going to extraordinary measures to upstage every wedding that they have seen by making their own special day unique and personal, usually leading to more money spent on the same wedding necessities.

With the price of weddings increasing seemingly by the minute, we wanted to pass on some secrets on how to save for the big day. Take a look at this infographic from Best Cheap Wedding Venues, which shares some tips on how to save big on one of the most important days in a couple’s life!


Photo Credit: http://www.bestcheapweddingvenues.com/ways-to-save-on-your-wedding-infographic/

The 2016 wedding season is still in full swing, so there is no data yet on if the price tag of weddings will continue to increase. However, with social media becoming more and more ubiquitous, it is very likely that weddings will continue to be more expensive. That said, by using the tips below, there is no reason why you cannot have your cake and eat it too!


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